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Our Philosophy

As a member of WECAN, Mountaintop Waldorf School is based on the anthroposophical teachings of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), founder of the global Waldorf School movement. Our school engages deeply with Steiner's continually relevant teachings on child and teacher development, community building and, above all, a healing education, which leads towards freedom.


We believe in letting children be children and in not pushing them until they are ready to go on to the next step.  That is why we don’t stress early academics, but offer them many and varied pre-literacy experiences.   We let children play and live in their imagination.


We spend much of our time outside. We believe that is where children are happiest and where we can foster their natural reverence towards Mother Earth.  


Our toys are all made of wood, cotton, wool, and silk so that what a child experiences is beautiful and true, and so that a child’s imagination can live in them. A block can become a telephone, an upturned chair can become a boat or a building. The possibilities are endless.


We believe in creating a community for young children and the adults who care for and protect childhood in a deep and reverent way.

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