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Our Faculty

2021 Mtntop_Wendy-6456 smaller.jpg
Wendy Weinrich

Founder and Director of Mountaintop Waldorf School 

Wendy has been a certified Waldorf Early Childhood Educator since 1996, having completed her training at Sunbridge Institute. She taught Kindergarten at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School for 11 years before starting Mountaintop School in 2007. Wendy has completed a three-year Advanced Therapeutic Course for Early Childhood Educators, which takes place in Denver, CO.  She received an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy from Antioch/New England in 1987.  She is continually striving to expand her understanding of the young child. Wendy is the mother of two grown sons, both of whom attended Waldorf schools, and she is a proud Grandmother.

2021 Mtntop_Kathryn-6820 smaller.jpg
Kathryn Meyer

Lead Teacher for Chipmunks

Kathryn started teaching at Mountaintop Waldorf School in 2013 as a founding faculty member with the Little Ones program. She completed her Waldorf Early Childhood Education training in 2018 at The Alkion Center  in Hawthorne Valley, NY.  She believes that caring for children in the Chipmunks program is about creating an extension of the home. Working with parents and children alike brings her great joy. Kathryn also holds a degree in social work. She and her husband are raising two daughters, both of whom have attended Waldorf schools.

Andrea Rosa McKiernan

Lead Teacher 

Andrea has been a certified Waldorf Early Childhood Educator since 2008 when she completed her training at Sunbridge Institute. She has been teaching Nursery and Kindergarten for the past 18 years. In addition to her training, Andrea has also completed a three-year Advanced Therapeutic Movement Course for Early Childhood Educators as well as a certification course in Therapeutic Puppetry and Storytelling for the young child. Andrea has three adult children and two grandsons. She enjoys spending time in nature as well as doll-making and fiber arts. Andrea is passionate about Waldorf Education and the healthy development of the young child.

2021 Mtntop_Lena-6796.jpg
Lena Katz

Assistant Teacher 

Lena has been working with children since 2010.  She received her BA from Empire College majoring in early childhood education.  She has been at Mountaintop since 2021 learning the ways of Waldorf Early childhood education.   She is happy to have found this Waldorf Education because she feels it's made her a better teacher and a better person.  She has always loved working with children because "they are the most amazing, honest, and kind-hearted people on this planet."

2021 Mtntop_Kate-6837.jpg
Kate Werwa

Assistant Morning Teacher for Chipmunks

Lead Afternoon Teacher for Chipmunks
Administrative Assistant


Kate has been working at Mountaintop since 2016, both in the office as enrollment coordinator and in the classroom as an assistant teacher with the youngest children. She also directs the Summer Camp Program in July. She holds a degree in English Literature and in her former life worked in book publishing and copyediting. She was introduced to Waldorf education when the younger of her two boys enrolled at Mountaintop, and she fell in love with the pedagogy and the community. She is currently pursuing her Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training Certificate through Sunbridge Institute, and has completed a Waldorf Administration and Leadership Development Program through the Center for Anthroposophy. She is thrilled to continue to be a part of Mountaintop, and also enjoys volunteering at her sons' schools -- Onteora and Middle Way School. 

Florence Poulain

Assistant Teacher for Grey Squirrels

Florence grew up in Anjou, France and received her MA in Cinema Studies with the City University of NY.  She worked in the film and television industry for 15 years. She completed her Somatic Movement Education with the School for Body-Mind Centering and also Infant Development Movement Education and is a Butoh theatre dancer.   She has been an assistant teacher at Mountaintop Waldorf Children’s Garden since 2023.

Luz Heredia

Aftercare Provider

Luz completed her Law degree from University of Medellin in Colombia, South America  in 1990. She holds her bachelor degree in Liberal Arts from FDU in 2007.  She was introduced to Waldorf Education in 2014 when she became an assistant teacher and later an Afternoon lead teacher.    Luz completed her Waldorf Early Childhood training through the Alkion Center in Ghent, NY in 2022. She has a grown daughter and a young grandson  whom she often cares for at home. Luz enjoys working with children  and says “ It’s heaven, little Angels around me all day long”.  She is very happy helping their families too.

Dakota Butler

Lead Teacher


Dakota is native to the Hudson Valley. She found a deep interest in Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education when she was a nanny for a family whose children attended a Waldorf-inspired school. Over several years, she supported the Primrose Hill school in the grades programs, administration, committees, camps, and early childhood classrooms. She completed her Waldorf Early Childhood training through the Alkion Center in Ghent, NY in 2024. Dakota brings warmth, joy, and a dedicated presence to the children in her classroom. Dakota feels right at home at Mountaintop; with her young son just across the way in the Chipmunks program.

Leslie Arouh

Assistant Teacher


Leslie Arouh has a BA in Fine Arts and a minor in Dance from Rowan University. She pursued Waldorf Teacher Training at Alkion Center in Ghent, NY  and received her Grades Certification in 2016 and Early Childhood Certification in 2021.  She has been a visiting artist at Mountaintop Summer Camp since 2010, and has been teaching in a variety of capacities at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, since 2015.  Prior to discovering Waldorf Education her love of travel and handmade textiles led her to create her own line of batik clothing in Bali, Indonesia. Leslie feels that Waldorf education resonates with her values and creativity.

Sophia Elliot

Sophia Elliot is currently pursuing opportunities to learn more about Waldorf education while also studying for a degree in Early Child Education focused on English at SUNY Ulster. Sophia feels that working with children has taken her into an accepting world of honesty, love, and imagination. She has been an assistant teacher at Mountaintop Waldorf Children’s Garden since 2023 and has been working with children at summer camps since the age of 15.

Carol Jordan

Carol has a BS in political science from Purdue University and a law degree from Indiana University. Carol came to Waldorf education in 2000, when her children began their Waldorf journey.

Carol was the Business Manager at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, New York for eleven years. During this time, she served on the Board of Trustees, the Finance Group, the Personnel Group, the Enrollment Group and was the chair of the Full Faculty Business meeting for three years. 

Carol is currently the administrator at Acorn Waldorf School in Accord, New York. She has done consulting for Mountaintop in the past and joined the administrative team in 2023. She appreciates the continued opportunity to deepen her connection to the Waldorf movement, such a vital and powerful gift to the world.

Paula Williams

Paula worked as a Business Administrator for years before starting a family and discovering a natural love of teaching small children. Paula has been a certified Waldorf Early Childhood educator since 2005 when she completed her training at Sunbridge Institute and worked as a Nursery/Kindergarten teacher at the Green Meadow Waldorf School.  She also taught the school’s Parent-Child program. It was then she discovered the joy of working with families. Paula continues to study, nurture and cultivate the children’s ‘garden’ in our ever changing world.

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