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Daily Rhythm

Our mornings begin outside, where we will spend most of our day. After everyone arrives and has a chance to play a bit, we gather together to sing good morning to our friends, good morning to the earth and the birds, to the sun and the trees. We sing songs and recite some seasonal verses.


We wash hands and sit down together at the snack table.  Then we clear the table, and the children go off to play. After some time playing, or doing our daily activity (bread baking for the older children, or perhaps coloring, painting, or crafting), we clean up, which is woven into the play. We all sit down at the table, say a blessing, and eat our lunch. After eating, it's time to clean up and return for the last bit of play for the morning. We offer a final story or puppet show before it's time to say goodbye.


The morning children return home and the afternoon children stay for rest, where they each have a "lambie" and blanket to lay on. Teachers work with each child to help them settle and prepare for rest.


After rest we get up, roll up our mats, and go outside for more free play. We end the day with a closing goodbye circle before parents come to pick up their children.

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