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The Story of Mountaintop


Mountaintop School first opened in 2007 on a farm on Yerry Hill Road in Woodstock. Ms. Wendy had spent the past 11 years working as a kindergarten teacher at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, and had a dream of creating her own school for children in the area where she lived. The school was a welcome addition to the Woodstock area, providing an alternative education for families who longed for outdoor programs and holistic education.

After its first year, the school moved across the street to the house where Ms. Wendy lived with her family. After several years, Mountaintop School found its permanent home in 2012 when Ms. Wendy purchased the property at 68 Band Camp Road in West Saugerties. Initially, the school welcomed children between the ages of three and six for a mixed age kindergarten program. Eventually, they converted an out building into a new schoolhouse, the school was able to expand to include a Little Ones program for younger children, ages 18 months to 3 years. 

Mountaintop has become a fixture in Saugerties over the years. They have hosted annual Music and Merriment festivals in the spring, skating parties on the frozen pond in the winter, and parent evenings for all parents in the community to come learn from teachers who offer their knowledge and wisdom helping to guide the parenthood journey.

In 2016, Mountaintop became certified by WECAN as a Waldorf School and full member of their organization. Thus, Mountaintop became Mountaintop Waldorf School. Being a certified Waldorf school means that the faculty is recognized as they continually work to expand their skills and to learn more about the needs of young children and how those needs can best be met. They also continually find creative offerings to bring to the classroom and the community.

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