WENDYDirector of Mountaintop School
Lead Teacher for Mixed Aged Kindergarten

Wendy Weinrich has been a certified Waldorf Early Childhood Educator since 1996, having completed her training at Sunbridge Institute. She taught Kindergarten at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School for 11 years before starting Mountaintop School in 2007. Wendy has completed a three-year Advanced Therapeutic Course for Early Childhood Educators, which takes place in Denver, CO.  She strives to continue to expand her understanding of the young child. She also holds an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy and is the mother of two grown sons, both of whom attended Waldorf schools.



Forest Rest Afternoon Teacher
Assistant Teacher for morning Mixed Aged Kindergarten
Grounds and Maintenance Chief

Mark Nahnsen, LCSW, is a licensed social worker. He has specialized in family therapy since 1990. He also has a BA in Music Therapy and is a musician who brings his love of music to children of all ages. He has been assisting in the classroom for the past several years and is also the builder of the new schoolhouse. He is the father of two grown children. He and Ms. Wendy are happy to share their home with Mountaintop School.


KARUNALead Teacher for Little Ones Program
Karuna Foudriat has been a Waldorf teacher since 1986, having received an MEd from the Waldorf program at Antioch University New England. After 10 years of teaching public school kindergarten in NH and NY, she taught in the early childhood program at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School for 3 years. She then became a class teacher, graduating her 2nd class from eighth grade in 2011. Karuna has also worked as a chaplain and has an MDiv in Multi-religious Studies. She is the mother of two grown sons who are both Waldorf graduates.


KATHRYNAssistant Teacher for Little Ones Program
Kathryn Meyer completed Sunbridge Institute‘s introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education during the summer of 2014. She is currently enrolled in the Waldorf Early Childhood training at The Alkion Center. She holds a degree in social work, which reflects her joy in working with people of all ages. Ms. Kathryn is the mother of two daughters, both attending Waldorf schools.


SHAWNAAssistant Teacher for Little Ones Program
Shawna Kimber
 is the mother of three Waldorf-educated boys, two of whom graduated from Mountaintop. Her background is in the arts, though currently Shawna finds creative expression in domestic life through baking bread and preparing meals. She experiences both roles of teacher and parent as spiritual work.



Afternoon Teacher for Mixed Aged Kindergarten
Assistant Teacher for morning Mixed Age Kindergarten
Ruth Lawson 
has completed her Waldorf Teacher Training at The Alkion Center.  She was the main lesson teacher for Lidskjalf Waldorf Homeschool Co-op for 4 years. Her daughter is a Mountaintop School alumnus and now attends a Waldorf grade school.  Ruth’s background is in literature and she loves telling stories and spending time outdoors.  She continues to expand her interest in child development and her exploration of Anthroposophy.




After-Care Program
Barbara Kryzywonos
 is a mother and grandmother who has provided aftercare at Mountaintop since 2014. Her program is offered from 3pm to 6pm, Monday–Thursday. Miss Barbara is loved and much appreciated by all the children and parents.